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Osny Oliveira

Brisbane / Australia


Hello everyone! I'm Osny Oliveira, worldwide wedding photographer. // I love my job! Photography is my life. Join me! 


"Watching Osny’s passion for photography so closely is really inspirational to me. His joy in shooting such special moments in people's lives is crystal clear and that's what directs his lens, pretty skilled at capturing the most diverse feelings and turning them into unique and charming pictures. Through Osny’s eye, we can see the greatness of the simplest things, and realize the beauty contained in a shy smile or in tears that insist on not falling. From the most intimate gestures to the grandest moments, everything is shot in a sensitive and lovely manner.

'It's so delightful to leave home to do what you love', he told me once. But he didn´t need to. Love is there, eternalized in each photograph. In each blank canvas that is changed by his light."

Luize Lima (proud wife, number one fan) 


 I hope you also enjoy the way I see things! 😉




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E-mail: contact@osnyoliveira.com